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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions!

I'd like to welcome those of you visiting this blog for the first time!  Many changes have taken place since the inception of GCN Wireless almost a year ago, so I thought it's time to update Frequently Asked Questions.  And away we gooooooo.....

Is GCN Wireless some rinky-dink, fly-by-night, unreliable mobile service like some of those cheap providers out there?

Not at all.  Unlike some of those cheapo providers out there, GCN offers Tier 1 service powered by AT&T's 4GLTE towers.  Most of those inexpensive carriers you see advertised (like Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, Metro PCS, etc.) offer Tier 2 (and in some cases Tier 3!) service.  Certainly the reliability of the service from those carriers is shaky at best.  From my own experience, I have had GCN Wireless service since May 2015 and have NEVER had a dropped call.  This service is better than when I had the now-defunct Solavei and even major carrier T-Mobile before that!!!

How much is service with GCN Wireless?

There are a wide variety of plans available with GCN Wireless starting at $24.95 a month.  The illustration below gives an overview of the more popular ones:

Are there any shared or family plans?

Not at this time.  If there's enough growth with the company, GCN may start offering such plans at a future date.

Can I bring my own phone?

The short answer is YES!  However, your phone must be GSM and compatible with GCN Wireless service.  It also needs to be unlocked and out of contract (if applicable).  Your current carrier may provide the unlock code by contacting them directly, or, if they prove to be uncooperative, a local cell phone repair shop may be able to help.

How can I find out if my phone is compatible?

There's an excellent online resource:  When prompted to select carrier, please select AT&T as GCN Wireless is not yet listed as a carrier, perhaps because of the short time in business.  We are making this site aware of our presence and hope to see GCN listed soon.  Why select AT&T, you ask?  Because GCN utilizes their towers, so if the phone works with AT&T, it'll work with GCN  And, of course, your phone must be unlocked.

Can I purchase a new phone from GCN Wireless?

Certainly!  A wide variety of both new and refurbished phones are available at the main site.  Just go to and click the Shop For Phones button.  Purchase can be made outright or financing is available.

At the department store, I saw those AT&T Go Phones on sale.  Can I use one of those?

Absolutely!  In fact, I started out my service with one of those (a Nokia 635, to be exact).  All you need is a GCN Wireless SIM card (Scroll down for a bit to find out how to get one), enroll online for an account, activate your service online, and you're ready to go.

If I sign a contract, can I get a discounted or free phone?

Sorry, but we don't do contracts.  Those "offers" you see for free or discounted phones you hear advertised are deceiving.  You usually wind up paying exorbitant hidden fees that cover the costs of those so-called "offers".

How can I get a GCN Wireless SIM card so I can enroll for service?

First, you'll need to get your account set up.  Go to , the click the Get Started button.  Enter all information on the next page (password should include one capital letter and one number).  In the box marked Enroller ID, enter USA0005189 (Very Important!).  Click the green Sign Up button.  Then you can log in to your new account.  Once you log in, you'll see several options.  Click SIM Purchase.  Select the appropriate SIM size for your phone and complete purchase (SIM cards are $5 plus tax and the shipping option you choose).  Your SIM should arrive in 2-3 business days.  Please DO NOT attempt to activate service until your SIM arrives.

Once I get my SIM card, how do I activate service?

I'm going to let Jason Smith handle that one in the following tutorial video:

Please watch carefully!  SIM and IMEI numbers must be entered exactly!!!

Can I port my current phone number?

In most cases, yes!  However, if you are a current AT&T customer or that of one of its MVNO affiliates (Cricket, Straight Talk, etc.), you will need to obtain a new number which you can do when activating service.  All others, if you are porting a number, you need to be out of contract and you need to obtain a passcode from your current carrier, otherwise you cannot port your number.  Contact your current carrier for more info.

I saw something on a graphic here about Freedom 5.  What is that?

The Freedom 5 program is for Independent Marketers only.  When an I'M enrolls their first 5 customers into GCN Wireless service, a $50 credit is applied to his or her monthly bill for every month it is maintained.  The 6th customer on will start to generate income for the I'M.

Is there a store or kiosk I can visit to buy a phone or activate service?

Independent Marketers do not operate storefronts or mall kiosks.  The absence of brick-and-mortar locations helps to keep costs down (and another reason why you won't see TV or print advertising).  However, if you are local (McKinney, TX) and need some help with activation, I can set up an appointment to visit your home or office and guide you through the process.  Just give me a call @ 214-901-4583.

So you can earn income with GCN Wireless.  How do I get in on that?

The basics:  You will need a one-time investment of $145 (or $24.95 down and $14.95 per month if you want to take advantage of the special offer mentioned in the post below).  Then you are required to enroll in GCN Wireless in the data plan of your choice.

I have plenty of posts on this blog that address this question.  Please feel free to scroll down and browse.

And that's about it for this post.  If you have other questions that come to mind, feel free to post in the comment section.  I'll include them in a future edit.

Have a great day!


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