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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And the rollout into full launch continues...

Yes, you're reading that correctly directly above ^^^^ !  A PLATINUM Solution Provider!

So what does that mean exactly?

How about getting the SAME quality and service as an AT&T customer without the high price tag?  That's Tier 1, folks!

And who else provides the opportunity to get FREE service and the option to earn an income?  Well, maybe that purple-clad "S" company, but who wants to settle for 2nd tier service powered by T-Mobile?  If you're fine with that, great!  More power to ya!  But I want something better!

BTW, the August promotion is still going on, but it ends August 31st!  Check the previous post for more details!

Have a great day!


#GCNWireless #Mobillogix  @AT&T

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