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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Man Who Chases Two Rabbits At Same Time Catches None!

UPDATE 1/14/15!!! - Check for update below!

An old Native American saying!  Not sure from which tribe it originated, but it makes sense nevertheless!

We have a product everyone uses and no one will do without. 

Mobile is the gateway to EVERYTHING!

Just look at what Uber did with car service 6 years ago with a mobile app, and now they're worth more than General Motors, who's been around for 100 years! And we're about to marry that with a stellar travel package, other mobile carriers and a world of other products and services!

We have arguably the BEST CEO in Kirby Cochran, who has worked tirelessly and made great sacrifices to lay the groundwork in 2015 so that we can run with this platform in 2016. We have passionate leadership, who have brought us a brand new Customer Service experience, marketing and branding, and a dedication we can all aspire to. And we have the best value proposition and compensation plan in the industry. 

So put down your lotions, potions, pills, wraps, marketing systems, or whatever it is you're doing and engage with GCN. You'll seriously be glad you did.

UPDATE 1/14/15!!! - The call is over and done!  Thanks to those of you who dialed in!  If you didn't make the call, no problem!  The link to the recording is: 

GCN Conference Call - Tonight, Jan. 13th @ 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST

Don't Miss It!!!

336.542.5272 - pin 10555

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