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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Get ready for GCN Wireless 2.0

The focus will be on small business owners, home-based business owners, and anyone who would like to have a separate line for work apart from their personal lines.

Sure, the big carriers offer some kind of business solutions package, but most require multiple lines, at least a 2 year commitment (again with the contracts!), and even a land line!

As a business owner or independent agent/contractor, you want quality service, a variety of plans from which to choose the one to fit your needs, an affordable price, and, probably most importantly, NO CONTRACTS!!!

This page is going to be undergoing some changes...for the better, to be sure!

In the meantime, why not have a look at what GCN For Business has to offer?

You can use your own compatible phone if you wish (must take a SIM card).

And be sure to use Sponsor ID# USA0005189 if you choose to purchase service with GCN.

Stay tuned!

Alan W. Wright

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