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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About GCN Wireless (powered by AT&T )

Because you asked for it!

How reliable is service from GCN Wireless?

GCN Wireless is powered by AT&T 4GLTE and is Top Tier 1. 'Nuff said! Really, though, other carriers considered “small potatoes” like Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Solavei, etc. cannot make this claim as their respective service is 2nd (and sometimes even 3rd) Tier and not the most reliable. In some cases, their service may be cheaper, but what good is it if the reliability is sketchy at best?

Can I bring my own phone?

In many cases, yes! However, it needs to be a GSM phone unlocked and out of contract (if applicable). AT&T-branded phones are recommended. However, if you're using a non-AT&T-branded phone, it may not function at its best with GCN Wireless service.

Can I port my current phone number?

In most cases, yes! However, current AT&T customers (or those with AT&T MVNOs like Net10, Cricket, Straight Talk, etc.) would have to get a new number. This policy may change in the future (hopefully).

Does GCN Wireless offer free or discounted phones upon enrollment?

No. To comment further, those “free” or “discounted” phones usually involve signing a contract, which GCN Wireless does not require. Although this practice has been in decline recently, some carriers still make such offers but require signing a contract. The cost of that “free” or “discounted” phone is usually passed on to the consumer in the form of sky-high monthly bills!

Does GCN Wireless offer family/shared plans?

At this time, no.

Does GCN Wireless offer phones for sale or lease?

GCN Wireless does not have a storefront, either online or brick-and-mortar.  However, if you need a phone, GCN does have a partnership with Mobile Resources, an outfit based in Florida that can help you with purchase of a new phone.  You can visit HERE for selection, prices, and terms.  And you're certainly welcome to purchase elsewhere at any retailer; just keep in mind that the phone must be compatible with GCN Wireless service (See 2nd question in this post).

How long has GCN Wireless been in business?

GCN Wireless officially started activations in mid-April 2015. As of this writing, GCN Wireless is currently in beta launch with plans to go into full launch on Oct. 1, 2015.

Am I required to become an Independent Marketer like you to enroll for mobile service?

No. While I would be happy to welcome any motivated individual aboard as an IM, it is not required to enroll for mobile service.

I'd like to see about becoming an Independent Marketer like you. What is required and how much does it cost?

Really, all that's required is motivation and the ability to be trainable. As for cost, a one-time investment of $145 is required and includes such amenities as a replicated personal website (coming soon!), a back office, constant access to training, and more. There are no monthly fees aside from whichever mobile plan you choose.

Hope this was helpful!  Have a great day!


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